Educational Technologist


This is an exciting opportunity to become the University’s first specialist Educational Technologist. In this role you will provide technical support and guidance to enable the delivery of technology-enabled teaching, ensuring that academics and teachers maximize the potential of such technology, and students receive the highest quality learning experience.

You will provide expertise and guidance about the appropriate use of learning technologies to staff involved in the delivery of online, blended, and hybrid teaching as part of the University’s strategy for the delivery of a high-quality educational experience. The role is strongly operational and hands-on, but combined also with a training/facilitation function, to enable university teachers to become adept and self-reliant users of the available technologies and systems.

We are looking for someone with experience of the affordances and constraints of new and established technologies to address teaching and learning challenges and enable new ways of working. You will be able to contribute to briefings and presentations about appropriate learning technologies and the value they bring to the institutional context.


  • A university degree with a doctorate in educational technology
  • A high level of expertise in the field of education
  • Excellent research performance in school and educational technology research
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills with the ability to coordinate a range of complex, concurrent activities as required.
  • Ability to understand the pedagogical theories and technical issues in web-based teaching and learning.
  • Knowledge of relevant software that may be used to facilitate teaching practical sessions online.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate specialist or technological information to non-technical audiences.
  • Experience of teaching both in higher education and further education setting preferably in a university.
  • Experience in developing and delivering training and facilitation sessions and training materials.
  • Experience in presentations, demonstrations, teaching, and supporting teaching staff and students.
  • Experience in working across a university to promote eLearning programs, applications, and tools.
  • Project management experience
  • Interest in, and commitment to, leading-edge teaching is undertaken across the Department of Computer Science with an emphasis on the development of Computational Thinking.

Deadline: 15/05/20

Submissions: [email protected]